Following news that Larry King passed away over the weekend due to complications with COVID-19, an old interview between the Larry King Live host and Minnesota musician Prince has resurfaced online.

The video's caption reads "Prince appeared on a December 10, 1999 episode of CNN's Larry King Live and talked about his career, his new album and why he changed his name." The video was posted to Youtube by CNN in 2016.

"This is our Millennium Month on Larry King Live," King opens with before revealing upcoming guests over the next week. "It's a great pleasure to have with us the artist formerly known as Prince. His first album in three years has just been released. It's called 'Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic'...and for the artist, the obvious question is -- why three years?" Thus kicks off a 39-minute interview in which two discuss Prince's name change, growing up in Minnesota, finding fame and more.

Responding to a question from King as to whether he still has a fondness for Minneapolis, Prince replies, "Oh, absolutely." He goes on to share his musical inspirations -- including Santana, Larry Graham and Fleetwood Mac -- while avoiding discussing his "rough childhood." Moving on, King asks Prince how he got famous.

"It started with a lot of appearances I was doing in and about Minneapolis," Prince answers. "And word just spread about...what I could do." Prince shares that he was taken out to LA by his manager at the time, where more people became aware of him. His first song was "Soft and Wet," though he admits it wasn't a huge hit right away.

Watch the full interview for yourself at the video above.

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