You might want to remember the names of these powerful young women. Emily, Jazmin, Gabby, and Skye make up the teen girl group X's and O's, and they are a force to be reckoned with.

Currently they are out on a cross-county tour as the opening act for 4th Ave, a boy band formed out of the ABC TV show, Boy Band. And while the boys are the headliners, the girls are the ones stealing the show. Bursting through the back curtain of the stage, they come out at full speed singing "Poison Is My Remedy", a pop power anthem about love. From there it's nonstop dance moves and incredible vocals. Theses girls don't miss a beat, a note, or a moment to connect with the crowd. By the time they were half way into their second song they had won over every 4th Ave fan in the room, and had them dancing along with them.


I had the chance to talk with the girls about juggling being pop stars, going to high school, and just being teenagers. They were even nice enough to teach me some dance moves to their new single "Bad Boys" that will be coming out soon! See it all in the video below.

You can't fake passion, and these girls for sure are not. From the way they interact with each other backstage, to the show they put on when the music starts, to meeting the fans in the crowd for pictures. These girls are giving it everything they got and then some. Get on the band wagon now, you'll be happy you did!

Their debut single "Can't Catch Me" is available now wherever you buy and listen to music!

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