This might just be the most Prince thing ever. He had his own permit in Minneapolis to allow him to play a concert at any hour of the day. Prince's old venue, First Ave, shared the story on Facebook of how this permit came about.

Prince Rogers Nelson Day has been celebrated on July 7th (his birthday) every year since_____, even though the icon stopped celebrating his own birthday decades ago. On July 7th, 2007, he did through a party that would literally require him to have a permit to do so going forward. That day, Prince threw three separate shows in the span of a two-block radius, with the final one being the main room at First Ave. It was set to be Prince's first show at that venue in two decades.

The show was announced just two days prior on July 5th, and tickets cost $31.21 and were only sold in person at 7th Street Entry. People lined up for blocks, bringing tents and coolers to sustain themselves while they waited in the hot summer sun to see the Purple One.

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On the day of the show, Prince didn't take the stage at First Ave until 2:45 AM which prompted Minneapolis police to respond as it was well after the bar was supposed to be closed. Prince caught word of the law enforcement on their way, and ended the show, with a promise to come back soon:

Afterwards, we (First Ave) reached out to city officials to make sure First Avenue could always have a Prince show—even if it was at 4am. The “Prince Permit” meant First Avenue could request a late-night event permit with little to no advance notice, only for Prince. We never had to take it that far, because Prince never played the club again.

The permit did have to be used once, and that was April 17th, 2017.  That was the memorial block party and celebration of Prince’s memory that happened at the club.

Only Prince would have his own permit to have a show whenever he wanted to in Minneapolis and then never use it. Legendary.

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