The longtime host of Jeopardy! apparently has a soft spot for central Minnesota.

Sauk Rapids-based organization, INDY - I'm Not Done Yet, is a nonprofit that focuses on providing love, faith, and financial support to people battling cancer in Minnesota. They feature "INDY Warriors" on their websites, sharing their stories and fundraising for them. Since 2018 they have honored over 40 Warriors.

When Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek announced his battle with pancreatic cancer, the organization sent him a note and some INDY swag. Sending things to celebrities is never a guarantee that they receive it, but this package did get to Mr. Trebek, and the proof came on Good Morning America this week.

During his interview where he talked about undergoing an experimental immunotherapy treatment, a photo was shared of Alex rocking his "I'm Not Done Yet" t-shirt.

In the interview, Trebek details that his stage 4 pancreatic cancer diagnosis has been tough on him mentally and physically. The 80-year-old seems to be taking it day by day, but he is looking forward to getting back to hosting his game show this fall.

If you want to pick up the same t-shirt as Alex Trebek, and in the process support a local INDY Warrior battling cancer in Minnesota, you can do that on the INDY shop here. 

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