We all know that losing weight is about eating less and moving more. However, there are other things you can do to increase your odds of losing those unwanted pounds that don't involve counting calories. You may have heard them before, but it's always good to have a friendly reminder, that these things are needed for you to be in optimal health.



Yes....A study from the journal "Appetite" found that people who sleep more tend to eat less than those who don't get enough rest.  They suspect the reasoning is that if you are deprived from sleep it alters your brain and makes you crave high calorie foods! Yikes!  Maybe when I wake up in the middle of the night and want something sweet, I should just go back to bed to get more sleep! Another amazing fact:  People that sleep in the DARK are typically thinner than people who sleep in lighter rooms.  (That's scary to me...I wonder how much I would weigh if I DIDN'T sleep in the dark?!)



People who have meaningful conversations with others they care about at dinner, typically weigh less than those who eat in front of the television.  They figure that the chatter with your friends and loved ones makes you feel loved, and therefore, it's less likely that you will seek comfort in other places, like eating more food.



I'm so tired of hearing this. But...I can't deny...it's true.  Drink more water, especially if you are trying to lose weight.  Water is calorie free, so drinking it keeps you fuller, and keeps you from reaching for high calorie beverages like soda's and juice.  Since I've been drinking at least 64 ounces a day, I've noticed my headaches are gone, and I've been losing weight. Coincidence?  I doubt it.



People that exercise outside tend to be more active than those people that always exercise inside.   Here in Minnesota, we have great outdoor weather right now, so don't miss your opportunity to take your walk outside, go swimming, running, or whatever tickles your fancy.



I've heard this before.  People who eat from red plates consume less than those that eat from white or blue dishes, according to studies.   Researchers think this is because we associate the color red with STOP...so your brain might subconsiously tell us that we are done eating, even when normally we wouldn't be.



The best secret to slimming down is to develop the ability to resist temptation.  I think I need to be hypnotised..."resist....resist...resist temptation Kelly...That's all you have to do...."  I constantly have trouble with this...I'm always on location...enjoying ballgames with the Rox...parades, concerts...How are you supposed to say NO to all that delicious food?  The bottom line....JUST DO IT.  Realize that it takes time to see the results, but by giving yourself the option of saying NO...You will empower yourself.

If saying NO is your biggest problem, join the club.  As long as you and I don't stop the party, the weight gain train is gonna keep on chuggin along!  So lets figure out a way to say NO...and mean it.

Send me your suggestions to: kelly@mix949.com and lets attack this together.