Earlier this month, Minnesota was abuzz with talk that Winona Ryder was in Winona, MN.

Early social media posts and comments from Winona locals suggested that the "Stranger Things" actress was filming a commercial for website-builder Squarespace that will air during the upcoming Super Bowl. Other outlets also reported seeing filming crews at other Minnesota sites including Mickey's Diner in St. Paul.

Now, a new Youtube video from Squarespace confirms that Winona (the actress) was indeed in Winona (the Minnesota city)! Titled "Winona Goes Home," the short 1:43 minute video gets candid interview footage with Ryder and Winona locals alike without actually indicating what the upcoming commercial -- or the actress' visit -- is really about.

"The charm is the beauty around us," says one local in the video, "the bluffs, the river. If you like to be outdoors we have something for everybody here."

"Getting to come to Winona, the town I was born in," says Ryder at one point, "You walk down the street, and it's almost like being in another time but also modern."

"When I heard it," says another local, somewhat confused, "I was very confused. I didn't know why she would pick here."

"I think Winona represents a lot of towns that have a lot going on and a lot of creative energy and great places," the actress says of her namesake. "I'm excited to see Squarespace be interested in those small businesses."

So far, we don't know what that "interest" is or looks like, but perhaps another Youtube video -- or Super Bowl ad -- in the future will reveal more.

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