Coincidence? Not likely.

Actress Winona Ryder was spotted Tuesday in Winona, MN. According to the Winona Daily News, the Stranger Things actress is filming a commercial.


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Early speculation was that Ryder was filming a commercial for a local business, though Winona Arts and Culture Coordinator Lee Gundersheimer later confirmed that the commercial is for Squarespace, a New York City software company that helps with website design. A Facebook post from Erbert & Gerbert's Winona suggested that the commercial was for the upcoming Super Bowl in February.

Initial reports and eyewitness claims confirm that Ryder was in town filming Tuesday night, though additional filming is scheduled for Wednesday. Now that we know, we'll all have to keep an eye out for a Squarespace commercial featuring Winona Ryder -- and Winona, MN -- during the Super Bowl!

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