It was just over a year ago that Minnesota's "Tailpipe Teen" went viral for all the wrong reasons...

I'm not usually one to bring up the past, especially at someone else's expense. But with Stupid Season (aka summer) on the way, I thought it worth revisiting this incident from June last year.

May we never forget when a Minnesota woman (an underage drinker, really) stuck her head in a truck tailpipe at Winstock Country Music Festival.

Let me repeat that: A woman...stuck her a tailpipe.

The incident was captured in a six-second video clip posted to Facebook, but that's all it took to send it -- and the woman -- to viral fame.

In case you forgot how the situation ensued, she got her head really and truly stuck, and the fire department had to be called in to cut her out.

Further establishing her place in the archives of Minnesota Stupidity, she was was then featured on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Kimmel where he asked the question we all wanted to know the answer to: "Tell us how this happened and, more importantly, why this happened."

With summer and various music festivals and concerts on the way, please consider this memory of last year, dear friends, and make wiser choices.

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