Ron Burgundy she is not.

A reporter from Connecticut’s WTNH had some trouble relaying the facts to viewers in a recent broadcast when a video of her botching her story was aired instead of the correct version.

When trying to remember why teachers in a New Haven school are being investigated, she forgot, got a little frazzled and said: “It’s a lot to remember because I’m stupid.”

Now there is some honesty in journalism that we rarely see.

I heard a news man say that he was hungry before.  I remember hearing an anchor woman say that she was exhausted.  I don't ever recall anyone just admitting to being stupid.

The anchor quickly jumped in to say the wrong video was loaded for viewers to watch, making us wonder whether someone who works at the station needs to start checking the want ads.

The reporter need not worry, though. She’s hardly the first journalist to bumble around while on camera.  She's just the latest.