*Originally posted January 6, 2021*

A college student who put her vehicle through the ice of Lake Minnetonka didn't seem too concerned or upset as she posed for photos on top of her sinking vehicle.

It seems like there's been an increase in vehicles and people going through ice this winter. We've reported numerous stories of ice houses, snowmobiles, ATV's and more falling through thin ice, some even resulting in death. Whether out of innocence or ignorance, people just don't seem to realize -- or care -- how fragile the ice on some Minnesota still is.

In yet another incident, authorities responded Tuesday morning to a submerged vehicle on Wayzata Bay of Lake Minnetonka. While the two occupants managed to escape safely, reports Bring Me the News, photos posted to the Minnesota thread of Reddit reveal a bit more to the story.

"My brother in law was watching these knuckleheads live at the time on one [of] the live cameras on the lake," reads one photo's caption as shared by Nancy Hardy Murphy. "The girls were doing donuts on the ice before the car went through...then, they had the audacity to take selfies as the car was going through the ice." Two photos seem to confirm what Murphy claims.

Do it for the Tik Tok clout from r/minnesota

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According to a screenshot of a Facebook post, the driver's name is Mara McElroy. She posted, in part, "...I want everyone to know I was waiting for the police to arrive and was in shock when posing for the photo. I was watching my car slowly sink and and still trying to comprehend that I had just had a near death experience." Not only did she pose for the photo while "in shock," but she also set up a GoFundMe, thinking "if anyone might want to help as a college student who is still trying to get through school any small donation might help."

Mara McElroy via Facebook
Mara McElroy via Facebook

Needless to say, people online have had a field day at McElroy's expense:

"People like this are why there are warning labels on crayons..." commented Marc Warnke.

"But it was 4-wheel drive, it can go anywhere. I don’t understand.....” joked John Schauer on Facebook. Someone else made a meme to memorialize the moment:

Holly Clark via Facebook
Holly Clark via Facebook

Read more responses to the mishap on Reddit or on Facebook.

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