Anyone familiar with 80's pop and R & B - will certainly remember Ready For The World.  These guys will forever be famous for their incredibly soulful sound, a few legendary dance hits, flashy suits, and the magnificent 80's "Jerry Curl" that they all sported.

RFTW was a local band from Flint, Michigan, in the early 80's - before being discovered by a local radio personality.  He moved them to Detroit, and within months the band had a regional hit with the slow, romantic ballad, "Tonight".

In 1984 the self titled 'Ready for The World' was released, and almost immediately, worldwide success followed.  The album featured two more 'slow jams' that were very successful in, "Deep Inside Your Love" and "Slide Over" (certainly a personal favorite).

But the two dance hits from the album, are what gave the group instant notoriety.  If you were alive back in 1984, I'm sure you remember "Oh Sheila".  This song was #1 in the U.S. and overseas.  RFTW was especially popular in the U.K.

How do you like those synchronized steps?  And you can almost see and feel the Afrosheen flying off of those guys.  Why stop now - do you remember the hit "Digital Display"?

That is a pretty complicated video for the mid 80's!

The band had one more noteworthy hit, coming in 1986, with another love song - "Love You Down".

Ready For The World did not have a long run at the top of the charts, and broke up in 1991.  They have since reformed, and began touring again.  But for a short three year stretch in the mid 80's - they were not just 'Ready for The World' - they were also on top of the world.