Re-live your younger years with a live performance of Animaniacs in Concert.

I'm old enough to remember playing PC games as a kid, and one of my favorites was the Animaniacs Game Pack. Based on the animated TV series starring Yakko, Wakko and Dot, the computer game pack featured five mini arcade games. I spent hours turning Dot's bad dreams into good ones in Smoocher, using Wakko's bad breath to belch his way through evil robots in Belchinator Too, racing around as Yakko in the frustratingly difficult Prop Shop Drop, mini-golfing Dot's way through Tee Off Mini Golf and popping balloons (and avoiding Baloney the Barney-parody dinosaur) as Yakko in Baloney's Balloon Bop.

I loved that computer game even though, ironically, I didn't like Animaniacs -- the over-animated Warner siblings drove me crazy, even as a kid. Even I, however, might enjoy the musical experience Animaniacs in Concert, coming to St. Paul's Fitzgerald Theater February 22, 2022.

"Re-live your “'younger years' and see your favorite Animaniacs characters sing live on stage in Animaniacs in Concert," reads the event's website. The musical revue stars original cast member Rob Paulsen (Yakko, and Pinky from Pinky & the Brain) as well as Emmy-winning composer Randy Rogel who wrote and created many of the beloved songs from Animaniacs. Besides performing the songs, the duo also take time to share stories and contexts unknown otherwise.

Tickets to Animaniacs in Concert go on sale Friday, June 11; presale tickets will be available June 10.

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