Chances are you still use life hacks, memory tools and rhymes you learned as a kid in your adult life.

I'm 30 years and still find myself muttering "No Eating Shredded Wheat" every time I'm working with directions (No Eating Shredded Wheat representing the clockwise directions on compass North, East, South, West). It's been a long time since I played the piano, but whenever I occasionally sit down to plunk out a tune I place my fingers and repeat the line "Every Good Boy Does Fine" for the lines of the Treble clef.

From mnemonics to rhymes, check out these 10 life hacks you probably learned as a child that you still use or remember today!

10 Childhood Life Hacks You (Probably) Still Use Today

What childhood hacks, tricks or memory devices do you still remember or use today?

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