KIMBALL - Aedyn Colville has quickly risen to fame here in central Minnesota.  Especially with her trip to the State Fair singing "Quiet"  from Matilda.

Aedyn Colville
(Photo: Joshua Akkerman, WJON)

After her performance it was suggested that Aedyn and her mom Dina send the video to the casting director for Matilda on Broadway.

"So that's what we did," says Dina, "We just submitted her information, and the video of her grandstand performance. About a month later they sent us two dates, and said can you be here on one of these two dates for an audition."

So off to New York they went.

"When I went in and I sang my song, they said wow that's amazing. Then they made me sing this really big long note higher, and higher, and higher, and higher each time, and I did that about four times," says Aedyn, "Then they asked me 'can you dance?', and I said yeah. They said go get your mother."

Aedyn and her mom ended up staying in New York for a dance audition, then it was back to Minnesota. Two weeks later...

We heard that I got a call back

We went back. We did dancing in the morning, and singing in the afternoon. Then five days after that they called, and said that we got in the finals. That was really cool. ~Aedyn

Aedyn also read lines while auditioning for Matilda. During the audition she was shown a clip where one of the characters, Amanda Thripp, gets swung around by her pig tails. Aedyn was asked if she was ok with doing that, to which she responded "Yeah, that'd be awesome."  This leads her to believe she might be up for that part.

Even six months ago if you had told me I was going to be bringing her out to audition on Broadway I would have thought you were completely crazy. ~Dina

Aedyn rehearsing for the Holy Cross School Christmas play.
(Photo: Joshua Akkerman, WJON)

This has been a goal of eleven year old Aedyn all of her life. Her mother Dina says, "She has always said that she needed to be discovered by the time she was twelve. I don't know why twelve was the magic number in her mind, but twelve has always been the number. So she's almost twelve. She went out to Broadway, they stood up, they took notice, and it's because she works hard at it."

Unfortunately, Aedyn was not chosen for a part on the cast, but don't count this All-Star Student out. She is sure to continue performing for a long time.

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