First of all, it's called 'pop' around these parts. Secondly, when was the last time you saw someone buy a Sun Drop?!?! Seriously.

Thrillist put together this info-graphic to show each state's most "iconic" soft drink, and I object to Minnesota's results.

Minnesota - Sun Drop

This citrus soda may've been introduced in Missouri, but it's got a strong foothold in Minnesota and the upper Midwest.

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It isn't even from here. I used to work at a grocery store and when stocking shelves and running the cash register, I rarely interacted with a Sun Drop. Bottles of it sat in the cooler collecting dust. A better result for us would be MinneSoda by Shamrock groups. At least that stuff is made here.

I respectfully reject these results and demand a re-do. Preferably by someone not trying to push their out-of-state citrus soda ideals on us.

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