A Central Minnesota-based food trailer is adding a unique new item to its menu.

On Monday Mac's Mini's mini donut stand made a big announcement on Facebook.

"Oh my goodness! Been keeping this one a secret for a bit! Now introducing my own MINI DONUT SODA! Huge thanks to Northern Soda Company, an awesome local craft soda company, for making this dream a reality!"

Mac's Mini's is the small independent business of Mackenzie Frederick, serving "hot and fresh" mini donuts. Currently a culinary student at St. Cloud Tech, Frederick says she had worked on some food trucks in high school. After seeing a video of a mini donut machine and a mini donut trailer, she decided it was something she thought she could do herself. "It was a really simple concept. So I was like, 'I'll just start out with that.'"

Frederick bought a mini donut machine her Freshman year of college, and her dad made a cart that she set up at farmer's markets, Music in the Park and graduation parties. Over the course of the next summer, she made enough money to buy materials for a trailer that her dad also built.

While the plan after graduating was to work with another established food truck, Mackenzie says that -- two years since starting Mac's Mini's -- she's seen so much success that she's considering sticking with it. Her menu is simple -- "Just mini donuts." She started with cinnamon and sugar mini donuts but has recently begun exploring with one-off specialty flavors and creations.

"For St. Patrick's Day, I did a green glaze on them, and then I used the marshmallows from Lucky Charms. And then I put a little toothpick with a four-leaf clover in there. People like taking pictures of it."

As to how she got her own mini donut craft soda, Frederick says she met the people at Northern Craft Soda -- who brewed, canned and labeled the Mini Donut Soda -- at a craft show a couple years back.

"Just this past summer, they did this sampler pack of State Fair-flavored sodas, and one of them happened to be mini donut. So, I had contacted them and kinda gave them the low-down on my business, and said is this something that you could make for me and I could sell on my trailer? And they were, like, yeah -- we could even put your logo on it!"

Looking ahead to summer, Mackenzie says she plans to be out and around the community. "In the summer, I do a farmer's market, a Music in the Park every week...I set up at some local parks as well." She'll also be set up at Granite City Speedway in St. Cloud "almost every week this summer;" she also has grad parties and weddings booked.

Keep an eye out for Mac's Mini's mini donut stand and her brand-new mini donut sodas around Central Minnesota! You can find out where she'll be next here.

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