The skyscraper-scaling raccoon that took the internet by storm this week now has his own merchandise. The little trash panda climbed all 25 stories of the UBS tower in St. Paul on Tuesday, June 12th, and after successfully making it to the top was rewarded with cat food. And put in a live trap to be safely re-located to the wild in Shakopee. Internet fame can be fleeting, but true heroes get to live on forever in the form of t-shirts and bobble heads. MPR has taken it upon themselves to make MPR Raccoon merch, including tote bags, shirts, and even a bobble head of the little critter.

Partial proceeds from sales of the products will go to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. But wait, there's more! Over 17,000 people have signed a Care 2 petition asking the UBS building to install a permanent plaque to commemorate the climb the raccoon made. Honestly, this whole ordeal has been a way bigger deal than the Super Bowl was here. And I am living for it. Excuse me while I go order a shirt with a raccoon on it.


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