Every year we get the list of new foods debuting at The Great Minnesota Get-Together. Whether it's the chocolate covered bacon or the deep-fried beer, they always seem pretty tasty or at the very least, moderately edible.

But from the 'groovy' state of California comes quite possibly the wackiest state fair fare ever: The Maggot Melt.

This glorious concoction is jammed with maggots, smothered with cheese (because we know that a creamy cheese topping makes everything tastier), and dropped on a good ole bun for easy handling. Oh, and of course, since it's a state fair, the maggots are deep-fried.

No word yet as to whether this 'grub' will be making an appearance at our own state fair.

But the California State Fair isn't the first place this squirming sensation has been available- some crazy characters from Jungle George’s Exotic Meats and Bugs offered up the Maggot Melt at the Alameda County Fair.


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