The (in)famous raccoon that gained viral attention in June for scaling MPR's UBS Tower in St. Paul made Time Magazine's list of "Top 100 Photos" of 2018.

You may recall this incident this past summer -- on Tuesday, June 12 a raccoon was spotted by MPR reporter Tim Nelson scaling the UBS Tower in downtown St. Paul.

As the photo gained attention online, it quickly went viral as people around the country began rooting for the little guy (who, it turned out, was a little gal). In fact, within a matter of hours, the story had become the second highest trending topic on Twitter. As the day went on, people in or near the UBS Tower captured additional photos of the rascal as she progressed -- or regressed -- in her attempt to find safety.

As day turned to night, traps for the furry sensation -- aptly dubbed #MPRRaccoon -- were set at the top of the building in the hopes she'd make it to the top and be caught safely.

Sure enough, shortly after 2:30am Wednesday, June 13, MPR Raccoon was safely captured and released, much to the great joy of the rest of the watching world.

A photo of the escapade by MPR journalist Evan Frost has since made Time Magazine's list of "Top 100 Photos" of 2018.

And -- in case you forgot to get a momento to remember MPR Raccoon by -- MPR released a special line of merch if you're interested.

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