A photo shared to the Minnesota thread of reddit appears to show a couple having a date in the parking lot of a Bloomington TGIF.

"Date night in a Bloomington TGIF parking lot," reads the photo's caption.

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Many in the comment section believe the photo for what it appears to be -- an attempt at a date while COVID-19 has many things shut down.

"I find this really darling," says one person.

"This is cute!" concurs another. "Putting in effort when you don’t have many options."

"Saw people doing something similar in Mankato yesterday!" adds a third. "That little flower is an adorable touch."

Now, maybe I'm not as romantic as the rest, but I see a different scenario: I see a father and daughter having a memorial meal together, perhaps in honor of a loved one -- like a mother and wife. I'm not sure why I think that...maybe it's the oddity of a date in a parking lot, that the woman looks younger (from behind) than the man, the look on his face (if you zoom in), and the touch of the one flower. I can't help but wonder -- is this a family, or what's left of it? Did they regularly come to TGIF together before someone special passed away? Do the dad and daughter continue to come to remember that person? Maybe I'm just interpreting a cute scene differently. Then again, maybe I'm not.

What do you think is happening in this photo at a TGIF parking lot in Bloomington?

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