Octomom Nadya Suleman was investigated yesterday for child neglect after her hairdresser called the cops to report horrible living conditions.

Police and the local Department of Family and Children's Services showed up at Nadya's house last night. They stayed for about 90 minutes and decided the kids didn't have to be removed. But, it doesn't end there...children's Services will be following up on the matter.

Here's some of what the hairdresser said she saw at Nadya's house:

-The plumbing is all messed up, and there's only one working toilet  for Nadya and her 14 kids.

-Some of the kids were seen relieving themselves in portable training toilets in their bedrooms and in the backyard.

-The kids appeared to be un-bathed and malnourished.

-The house itself was filthy.

Granted my house is not always the cleanest but when you have 14 kids to care for and the public is always in your business, you may want to spend $500 on a cleaning lady and not getting your hair done! Not one to tell someone how to spend their money, but lets face it, Octomom is a little on the crazy side.

The hairdresser also claims she saw Nadya lock kids in a bedroom when she needed them out of her hair to get things done!

TMZ has a video, but it's just of the police knocking on the door waiting for an answer.

Do you feel this in an invasion of privacy for the Octomom or the kids?

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