Here is probably one of the oddest things I have stumbled upon in recent memory, besides seeing a payhone.  I know some celebrities will do a lot (or little) to make a buck, but this is just weird. is letting us talk to the stars; for a fee of course! is the only place you can talk directly to a TRUE Celebrity! Our service is unique and offers a completely discreet one on one conversation with celebs. This service is completely private and anonymous. Have fun chatting with REAL CELEBRITIES!

These TRUE Celebrities include:

Dina Lohan who charges $25 a minute

Angelina from "Jersey Shore" is $15 a minute.

Tila Tequila is $20.

Octomom is the cheapest at $12 a minute.

Really Dial-A-Star; TRUE celebrities? Who do they think they are fooling. I'd much rather pay $12 a minute to talk to George Clooney about his recent arrest, or even my ex-boyfriend Joe Mauer. What would you even say to these people? Sure I'll pay $20 to tell Angelina to get a real job!

CLICK HERE to see all the "celebrities" you can talk to.

If you COULD truly talk to a celebrity on the phone, which celebrity would you like to chit chat with?

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