Whatever happened to getting a real person job to pay the bills? It seems like Octomom, Nadya Sulemen, has tried everything but getting a real job to make the money. Now she is begging for help!

Octomom signed up on a website where people look for donations for various projects or needs. What she needs is a house. The one she is living in right now foreclosed last month and she has about two weeks before she gets the boot. She claims she needs $150,000 to get into a new place.

Now I am not one to kick someone when they are down, but really hunny, get a regular person job to start paying your bills like the rest of us. Yes, you have 14 kids, but others make it work.

The website, if you choose to help or just look, is GoFundMe. When I last looked, Octomom had $105 in donations. People do come across hard times, but how many times is this woman going to have someone else save her before she saves herself?

What do you think? Would you help out the Octomom?

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