'Tis the season for helping out your neighbor, and to celebrate the Twin Cities in Minnesota are setting an example for the rest of the state.

Minneapolis and St. Paul have been named two of the most caring cities in the United States of America. Wallethub conducted a study of the 100 largest cities across America, and measured them against 39 key "indicators of a compassionate spirit". Some of those things were shelter areas for the homeless, volunteering hours per capita, and share of income donated to charity.

Minneapolis and St. Paul both racked up a score of exactly 64.63, and came in at 5th and 6th place in the top 10 most caring cities.

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When it came to caring in the workforce, St. Paul took the first place spot and Minneapolis came in second. They also tied for 5th place in the category of "highest percentage of the population that does favors for neighbors".

The Top 10 Most Caring Cities in America:

1. Virginia Beach, VA - Overall score of 66.48

2. Madison, WI - Overall score of 65.48

3. Pittsburgh, PA - Overall score of 65.36

4. Lincoln, NE - Overall score of 64.85

5. Minneapolis, MN - Overall score of 64.63

6. St. Paul, MN - Overall score of 64.63

7. Fremont, CA - Overall score of 64.61

8. Chesapeake, VA - Overall score of 64.59

9. Boston, MA - Overall score of 63.89

10. Scottsdale, AZ - Overall score of 63.07

There wasn't much of a point differential in the top 10. It was a close race, and with even more Minnesota Nice thrown around, I think we would be able to nab the top spots come next year.

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