Spain's tradition of running with the bulls was brought to Minnesota, when thousands of people showed up to run with the bulls at the Elk River Extreme Motor Park on Saturday. 25 bulls were released in the park to chase the runners, who paid approximately $60 to $75 to run a quarter of a mile will the bulls on THEIR tails, so to speak.There were a few minor injuries but nothing serious.

Things could have gone differently.  Below is a video of what can actually happen, and I guess, what people hope to see?! In reality, you really have to upset a bull to get them to attack, but these people were doing everything they could to invoke this poor bull. Here's to you Thrill Seekers...Sometimes you get what you ask for. If my friends came to me and said, "Hey..Would you like to get gored by a bull today? Lets go try?!"  I think I would go back to bed.

At the end of the festival, for spectators who wanted a little less of a thrill, there was a huge tomato fight. Call it exciting...exhilarating...crazy?...something that gets the blood pumping? I'll take the tomato fight over the race any day.

So now the question is:  Will the race be back next year?  We'll have to wait and see.