A new study by USA Today found that people who go running spend about 1/3 of their run thinking about how much running sucks. Even the people that claim they love running. Most people will spend the first part of their run feeling miserable.

I can identify with that feeling. I recently started doing Zumba and I must admit that I'm HORRIBLE at it. My brain can't keep up with the steps and I feel like I'm always behind. I have to keep reminding myself that health is a very slow process and that old cliche that "Rome wasn't built in a day."

It's hard for me to keep up with Zumba, but the truth is that I feel great after class. Working out isn't easy, but you'll feel great after you do it.

The key is to get through it and you'll feel good about it later. So if you're trying to workout and you're feeling like it's horrible, stick with it. Just know that you're not alone and you'll thank yourself later.