I'm not a big fan or writing sad stories, and I'm sure you are not a fan of reading them. But with sad stories are lessons to be learned.

"Glee" star Charice Pempengo, who plays Sunshine Coranzo, lost her father in a brutal attack in the Phillippines. 40-year-old Ricky was stabbed in the chest and back with an ice pick. Many reports are saying the altercation started when he and another man bumped into each other. Authorities believe the attack was random.

The killer fled the scene, but police know who he is and are looking for him.  There's a reward of 20,000 pesos for information, which sounds like a lot, but it only works out to 470 American dollars.

Charice hasn't seen her father since she was three-years-old. Sadly her mother and to take her and leave after a fight. Her father choked her and pointed a shotgun at her. But, even after that horrific event, Charice tweeted,


I don't speak Filipino, but I went to Google Translate, and what I got from the translation was that even though the past abuse happened they had a really great relationship and she will be brave.

She canceled a gig in Singapore to fly back to the Philippines to be with her family.

As sad as this whole story is, the murder and the abuse as a child, Charice sounds like a strong woman at the age of 19. Putting the past behind her and still being able to love. I hope her and her family will be able to make it past this tragedy.

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