Congratulations to this week's "Teacher of the Week," Anne Hartwig of Madison Elementary in St. Cloud. Ms. Hartwig is a first grade teacher at Madison and was nominated by a co-worker:

Mrs.Hartwig is always going above and beyond for her students! Each and every single day she is trying to come up with ways to make sure that our students are comfortable, safe, and provided with the necessities needed to thrive not only in the classroom but at home. She comes into work even when we have time off to plan lessons, develop behavior plans, and even brainstorm ways to bring educational fun into the classroom. This year I am a student-teacher in the class so I have not been exposed to as much awesomeness that Mrs.Hartwig obtains, however, from what I have seen so far she is absolutely more than worthy of this nomination! She is a part of the leadership team here at Madison Elementary which further supports why she is so awesome.

Let's face it, teachers this have faced more challenges than ever during this past year and they all deserve a little more recognition. If you know of an educator who is consistently going above and beyond the call of duty, you can nominate them for Teacher of the Week HERE.

It could be your child's teacher, someone who taught you in the past that made an impact on your life, your neighbor who is a teacher... really, any instructor who you feel deserves some extra kudos.

The form takes just a couple of seconds to fill out and could lead to a lifetime memory for that special teacher in your life.

Whether it is in person or over a video call, we will make sure to let that teacher know just how appreciated they are, especially during these tough times.

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