There's a crazy video making its way online captured by the Minnesota Department of Transportation. On Wednesday morning unknown driver along Minnesota Interstate 494 and Highway 52 lost control of the truck they were driving and narrowly avoided a massive Collison.

Roads were slick this morning and you can see possible evidence of that in the video. Two other vehicles were in the median of the road in the same spot where the truck lost control.

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The 10 second video shows the truck lose complete control, swerve into the right lane and then cross back over into the left lane, two lanes over as it does a complete 180 degree turn.

As this happens, the truck is just feet away from crashing into two other vehicles. When the video ends, the driver is near the left shoulder of the road facing the complete opposite direction of the flow of traffic.

I could feel my heart in my stomach the entire time I watched this clip. One thing is for sure, this could have been a TERRIBLE accident. But, the vehicle appears to be completely untouched.

Just wow. This is one video you've got to check out today. It's also a great reminder to SLOW down. The roads can still be super slick with the cold temperatures and precipitation we've been having.


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