Fiona Apple Is Back!
Do you remember Fiona Apple?  She made quite a splash on the music industry in 1996, with her debut album, Tidal.  She was only 19 years old at the time, and seemed to be a songwriting prodigy.  She was young, beautiful, and obviously very talented...
You Won’t Believe Who Is Going On Tour!
There will be no singing or dancing.  In fact, there are many who question if these performers have any REAL talent at all.  But, if Charlie sheen can do it, why can't they.
The Bravo Network's "Real Housewives" are going on tour.  Bravo announced that cast …
Justin Timberlake Auctioning Off Tickets To Future Tour
In the past when Justin Timberlake would answer the "when are you going to put out music and tour again" question he's said he is focusing on others things at the moment. If that were true, then why did he donate 2 VIP tickets and Meet and Greets to future shows to!