Dollaritas are back!!! All April long at Applebee's you can treat yourself to margaritas for just a $1. Back in October the restaurant introduced their $1 drink of the month and it quickly because a crowd favorite, and how could it not? $1 drinks are unheard of in 2018. Patrick Kirk, vice president of beverage innovation at Applebee’s, said 

we’re excited to bring it back in April as a reason to celebrate the return of spring.


Unfortunately spring isn't quite back here in the St. Cloud area, but maybe if we think warm thoughts and drink enough Dollaritas, it will show up faster! So if you are on a tight budget this month, but you're still looking to get out for a few cold drinks with good friends, Applebee's is the place to be. I recommend pairing your Dollarita with their Grilled Chicken Wonton Tacos.

Dollaritas are way better than the Pickle Slushy I made. 

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