Well, it is more like a fence by the river but it is still really cool! The Pons des Arts Bridge in Paris, France is famous for it's "love locks". Basically you bring a lock with you to the bridge, clip it on, and toss the key into the water. It is really popular with toursits, and in the City of Love, how could it not be? Unfortunately thousands of pounds of locks were wreaking havoc on the bridge and they had to be taken down in early 2015, but people keep adding new ones to that bridge and others.


This tourist trend has made its way to Sauk Rapids! In Lions Park there is a chain link fence that follows the sidewalk by the river that people are clipping their own "love locks" on to! People have customized theirs with their names, anniversary dates, and even some fun designs. Here is a video of me discovering that this lock fence exists! Will you be adding your own to it?

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