I'm no saint. There are times I walk past litter while walking my dog and don't pick it up, but this is just out of hand. I was walking around the Sauk Rapids Municipal Park yesterday (July 5th) and noticed that the place was a dumping ground for garbage. The fire pit area looked like a 4th of July party was abandoned in the middle of it happening. 3/4 full bags of marshmallows, graham cracker boxes, charcoal bags, open lighter fluid bottles, cups, fireworks packaging, it was all there plus more! It was sickening. How can people be comfortable leaving that much of a mess behind in a public park? There were kids playing around the area when I was there, and parents kept having to detour them from touching all the leftover garbage. I spent time at Lions Park yesterday as well, and there were leftover fast food cups and wrappers left on tables there too!


Is it really that hard to walk to a nearby trash can and throw things away? There are waste receptacles all over the parks, there is no excuse to litter. Think about the workers that clean that park. Why not try to make their jobs a bit easier by picking up after yourself? Let's all try to leave the world a little better than we found it, starting with public places.