Believe it or not, it's important what state you live in when your baby is born. Minnesota can add another 'best of' on that list as well. Here's exactly why...

Wallethub just released their results for 2017 for the "best states to have a baby", and if you didn't think it's a big deal to choose a state to deliver and raise the child, you'll want to think again.

The cost of not just prenatal care, but also the delivery room and post delivery - are all considered in this study. It's quite stunning how different these costs are from state to state. Another factor they consider is baby and family friendliness.

The U.S. has the highest cost of having a child than anywhere in the world, so if you have to live here then it's important to plan very carefully as the costs can be triple over the long period of time between different states.

Source: WalletHub

You'll see from the map above that Minnesota ranks #2 overall for the best state to have a baby, with Vermont taking the top spot.

Some other findings in that study show Minnesota is much lower on the list for overall 'costs' that would include diapers, food, and larger purchases such as strollers and cribs. Our baby friendliness rank is 5th in the nation, and family friendliness rank is 4th overall.

The worst score went to Mississippi over all other states. They DID, however, score 1st in the costs rank. So it might be worth making the trip from Minnesota to Mississippi to buy all your baby items. It could save you a ton of money over time!

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