Wait, was that new Daughtry on Mix 94.9 this week? Yep, yes it was.

After two years of silence, Daughtry's back with a new song (and album)! Released June 6, "Deep End" is the latest single from Daughtry's 5th and latest album Cage to Rattle.

In a press release from RCA Records, Chris Daughtry said, “Cage to Rattle has been the most fun yet most challenging album we’ve ever made. It’s a musical stew we’ve been cooking up for more than 2 years and we can’t wait to satisfy the appetites of our amazing fans who’ve been patiently waiting for this record!”

Cage to Rattle released today, Friday, July 27. At just 10 songs, it's Daughtry's shortest album to date.

You can hear "Deep End" on Mix 94.9!

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