Real Product or Not, When Animals Attack and how to burn calories without even knowing it!! 

Your Real Product or Not stuff: the automatic ice cream cone, Earthbound dog tag and the backscratchers tshirt. (Scroll down for the correct answers.)


When you board a plane, you're used to the Captain addressing the cabin and letting everyone know the weather, estimated departure time, cruising altitude, etc. What you're probably not used to is the Captain addressing the cabin to say the plane is delayed due to A RAT INFESTATION! EW! It's true! It happened on a Quantas jet just prior to takeoff in Sydney, Australia. The flight crew was doing a pre-flight inspection when one of them spied rats scuttling around inside a compartment that held medical equipment. Passengers were herded onto another plane while that one was checked for damage. None was found and the plane returned to service, but what Quantas didn't say was if the plane was scrubbed down or not. ICK!


Summer is the time in Minnesota where we get outside and run around as much as possible because we have about two weeks when it's not beastly hot and humid before the leaves fall and the snow flies, so, how many calories are we actually burning during certain activities? Here's a rundown:

1. Water skiing - For a 150 pound adult water skiing for 30 minutes, you'll burn about 200 calories, plus it's a great upper and lower body workout!

2. Swimming - Depending on how much you weigh, swimming can burn between 250 and 400 calories an hour.

3. Golfing - If you walk and carry your clubs, playing nine holes of gold will burn about 700 calories. Double that if you play a full round. Just be careful how many beers or bloody Marys you have along the way. Those calories add up quick and can undo all the good you did walking around for four and a half hours.

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