If you were glued to the Grammy's last night, especially during commercials, you may have seen that Verizon Wireless is now going to offer unlimited Data, Text and Calls to Mexico and Canada and HD video streaming! Back in 2011, Verizon ditched their unlimited data option because that's what their competitors were doing. Now with the rise of streaming services, and following the competitors lead, the tables have turned.

Here is how it breaks down:

1 Line: $80/month
2 Lines: $70/Line/month
3 Lines: $54/Line/month
4 Lines: $45/Line/month

Compared to T-Mobile, Sprint, and At&t, Verizon is definitely the more expensive choice:

T Mobile - $160 for 4 lines all unlimited
Sprint - $90 for 5 lines all unlimited
At&t has plans starting around $60 a month and they promise no charges for overages on data.

Looks like unlimited data is where the cell phone industry is heading! Stream-on Minnesota! 

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