The latest scam that filthy scammers are using to scam us is called, "Pig Butchering". It's a brutal name for a brutal technique.

If you've received a text from an unknown number asking a random question and referring to you by the wrong name, then you've been the target of some jerkface's scam.

Pig Butchering Scam

The name comes from how the scam works:

  • taking a little piglet (you, the target of the scam)
  • fattening the little piglet up (filling you up on delusions of grandeur, with promises of wealth or love)
  • butchering the pig (bleeding your accounts dry)

It's actually not necessarily a new scam, but the current technique is fairly new...and very successful.

How successful? It caused a bank to go under when the bank's CEO fell for the scam, to the tune of $50 million.

How Pig Butchering Works

Step One: lure you in with a seemingly innocent message under the guise of mistaken identity. It could be a text asking if you're Greg from the pet store.


They send you a message on any of the various networking/dating apps (LinkedIn, Tinder, Facebook, etc) to initiate contact.

Step Two: you respond by saying they have the wrong number/person.

Step Three: if they can get any basic info out of you, they'll launch into a sob story to tug at your heartstrings.

Step Four: they'll continue to message you and develop a camaraderie, likely with romantic overtones, by telling you what you want to hear.

Step Five: instead of asking for money, they'll present a money-making opportunity to you, usually involving cryptocurrency.

Step Six: you fall for it and lose your money. You just got butchered.

Photo by Kimberly Lake on Unsplash
That wasn't very nice, Hoss! (Photo by Kimberly Lake on Unsplash)

How To Protect Yourself From Pig Butchering

Be aware of the scam. Be very skeptical about unwanted messages out of nowhere, and don't respond to them. STOP, BLOCK, and move on with your life.

Comedian John Oliver did a thorough segment on it. I highly recommend having a watch. TRIGGER WARNING: violence

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