It turns out that your life isn't complicated enough. Make it complicated-er!

Lifehacker says that having one email isn't enough; in fact, you should have at least four email addresses to navigate the cesspool that is the internet.

By the way, thanks for stopping by my neck of the cesspool!

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Beware of GARBAGE! (Getty Images)

Why four email addresses? I'm glad I asked for you...

Email Address Number 1: Make it Personal

This email is your Precious. The filfy hobbitses must be kept away from this email. ONLY give this email to people (not companies) that you want to have it. NEVER enter this address into a web form. Ever.

NYC Subway Becomes "Middle-Earth Shuttle"
Did someones says, "Precious"?! (Getty Images)

Email Address Number 2: Trials and Shopping

Want to start a free trial or sign up for an app? Doing some online shopping? Use THIS email for that. It'll be inundated with marketing emails and spam, but at least your personal email (The Precious) is spared!

Email Address Number 3: Start Gatherin' the News

Are you into newsletters? If so:

USE A THIRD EMAIL ADDRESS FOR THIS. Why? If you use a specific email just for newsletters, you basically setup a curated news feed for yourself. Way to go!

Email Address Number 4: Side Hustle/Personal Business Stuffs

Love (sales) pitches? Use this one for those.

(Bonus) Email Address Number 5: Other

Need a fallback email address to absolutely wreck for those various "things" you peruse online? Use this one as the "sacrificial lamb".

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash
You rang? (Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash)

H/T: Lifehacker

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