It's amazing how fast technology changes.

In my own short lifetime, I've listened to music on cassette tapes, cds, digital formats like iTunes and Spotify. Lately, I've even been listening to music on vinyl records which seem to have made a comeback! Four different styles, looks and formats of music in just 28 years.

It's no wonder that kids today don't recognize the technology of 30, 20 or even 10 years ago.

In a recent survey, over 2,000 kids ages 6-18 were shown various pieces of technology from previous generations. Here at the results:

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86% of kids surveyed did not know what a pager was.

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71% of kids surveyed did not know what an overhead projector was.

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40% of kids surveyed did not know what a cassette tape was.

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37% of kids surveyed did not know what a video cassette was.

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26% of kids surveyed did not know what a record player was.

Feel old yet? It's ok...these are the same kids eating Tide Pods.

Speaking of technology, Alexa and I have really hit it off...

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