How often do you change your bath towels?

I'm a little embarrassed to admit it's much longer in my home than it probably should be. Then again, I supposed it depends on "how often they should be" is defined. Apartment Therapy cites doctors Tierno and Gerba who recommend every two to three days; Cleaning Institute gives a little more leeway suggesting every 3-5 "normal uses." Either way, if those numbers are the standard, I'm probably covered in mold, yeast and E.coli. *embarrassed face emoji*

Curious to know how often other Minnesotans are changing out and washing their bath towels, we took to the Mix 94.9 Facebook page with a very unofficial survey.

"How often do you change your bath towel?" we asked, listing "Once a week" and "Longer than a week" as the two poll options.

An overwhelming 81% said they wash their towel once a week compared to the 19% who said they wash their towel after longer than a week. The comment section was ripe with answers, as well, many of them advocating for much sooner washes in-between uses.

"I can't answer the poll," said Alyshea. "I heard you guys talking bout this, this morning... i change my towels (i use 2) after every 2 showers so more like 3-4 times a week....As a nurse - i read a study tho that if you truly want to stay clean after each shower to only use your towel the one time and wash."

"Every shower," stated Becky. "I shift them. I use two per shower. One for my head/face/hair and the other for the rest of my body. Next shower I get a new one for my head and use the last head one for my body."

"Actually I change my towels throughout my house every 3 days," shared Tricia. "As I have 9 of us in the house and everyone gets a new towel every 3 days."

There are always a couple people who carry an unpopular opinion; Paula's one of them. "If you shower correctly," she asks, "shouldn't you be clean when you get out? Thus only needing to wash or take clean towels once a week? It's a stupid poll."

Every day, every few days, once a week or longer -- how often do you change your bath towels?

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