All you have to do is drive around Minnesota this time of year to see some of the most stunning fall colors you've ever seen. Turns out we're near the top in the country!

We're the land of 10,000 lakes, which also includes plenty of tree cover all around our lakes. The fall season causes unbelievable transformations of our canvas, just before the leaves fall to the ground, and make Minnesota look dead for a few months.

Thrillist just published their list of the worst-to-best states in the country to visit in the fall, and Minnesota about topped the list. Our beautiful lakes, pumpkin patches, and apple orchards attributed to being the 2nd most desired state in the country to enjoy a picture perfect fall.

Here's their top 5 picks around the country:

#5 - Michigan
#4 - Maine
#3 - Colorado
#2 - Minnesota
#1 - Vermont

If you're wondering who they chose as their worst...Arizona, Nevada and Florida. Fall colors don't really apply there, so it doesn't surprise me.

Our Minnesota winters are tough, but our other seasons make it all worth it, especially fall.

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