There's nothing quite like the concert experience. From the lights and colors to the smoke and fog, the music and performer(s) on stage to the overwhelming emotions of it all, there's a thrill to being at a concert that can't be replicated and can sometimes even make a lasting impression. And even though they say you can't put a price on some things, the wallet or purse or checking account often determines how much we're willing to pay to see our favorite band or artist live.

I asked some listeners how much they'd be willing to pay for a concert:

I might push $50 and that's about it. *laughs* I'm cheap.


The highest it goes...$300? Depending on who it is, yeah.


Then there's my uncle who paid $1500 each for his daughter and he to be three rows back from front stage at a Coldplay concert. Granted, he was spending money unwisely and ended up in some financial trouble shortly after. But to this day, it's still one of his fondest memories together with his daughter, and he loves re-telling their experience.

What's the most you've ever paid for a concert ticket? Was it worth it?

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