My curiosity finally got the best of me. Yesterday I decided it was time to do a little experiment. I wanted to know what the shortest route (time wise) was to get from the East side of St. Cloud, to the Crossroads Center Mall.

Route A: Leave from Townsquare Media (640 Lincoln Ave SE) and take Division all the way to the first entrance into the mall parking lot.

Route B (the Google Maps suggested route): Leave from the mall parking lot and take HWY15 to HWY 10 to get back to Townsquare Media.

I timed both of these trip separately and the end result of both test had me super surprised! I made all my coworkers guess how long it would take and none of them even guessed remotely close to the actual result. See how it all went down in the video above!

Also check out this crazy screen grab I got from the camera I had set up on the dashboard.

Abbey Minke, Townsquare Media
Abbey Minke, Townsquare Media

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