Sometimes, guys, do weird things. Spending sometime in the bathroom doesn't seem that weird. We just cherish our alone time.

One hour and 35-minutes a week or 14-minutes a DAY on the toilet. That's how much time men spend on the toilet according to a new survey. Women, who usually take three and half hours to get ready (give or take a few minutes) to go any where... actually only spend 55-minutes a week on the toilet or eight-minutes a day.

I agree with the survey. I spend a lot of time in there. It's quiet, I usually have my phone and looking up materials and how to do whatever I THINK my next project will be... like replacing my bathroom flooring. I think the new look would make my time in the bathroom even more enjoyable.

More than likely, it will be an escape when the baby is born!

Is there somewhere, other than the toilet, that you like spending your quiet time to read, do research or even Facebook? Let me know in the comments below.