Saturday evening I found myself at Ultimate Sports Bar in Waite Park to catch the Stanley Cup Playoff game for the Golden Knights and Capitals. While I was there enjoying some adult beverages and giant basket of seasoned french fries, I had to use the ladies room, and found it to be the most uplifting women's restroom I have ever been in! All across the stalls were writings from various drunk patrons, some scribbling the names of their significant others, some writing their own names, but there were also motivational quotes as well. Here are the four best ones (rated PG) that I found!

"Love yourself", "you are an amazing woman", "Wisdom is better than silver or gold. So are tacos", all the pep talk a person would need while going to the bathroom during a night out with friends. I don't know what was written in the other two stalls, but I'm sure it was just as positive and motivational as what was in the first.

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