Living paycheck to paycheck is the norm now days, unless you are famous! released their list of the Best-Paid Celebrities under 30. I personally only have two and a half years left to make this list....I doubt it will happen though. Hopefully we can all have something in common with the celebs that made the list; doing something we love. I may not ever strike it rich, but I enjoy talking with you each and every night here on Mix 94.9.

The top dog this year should come as no surprise. Lady Gaga! She's ONLY 25 and made $90 MILLION this year alone! Odd as she may be, she puts most of her money back into her art, her live shows.

The top 10 Best-Paid Celebrities under 30:

Lady Gaga, 25, $90 million
Justin Bieber, 17, $53 million
LeBron James, 26, $48 million
Roger Federer, 29, $47 million
Taylor Swift, 21, $45 million
Katy Perry, 26, $44 million
Cristiano Ronaldo, 26, $38 million
Beyoncé, 29, $35 million
Lionel Messi, 23, $32 million
Rafael Nadal, 25, $31 million

I would like to make 1/31 of Rafael Nadal earnings. I love playing tennis, even though I'm not very good. Watching him defeat Roger Federer for his 6th French Open title was amazing.

Get the full list of people that make more money than we will ever see here!

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