There is a reason why so many people want to be singers and why we have so many singing competition shows. The music business is a huge business! If you have the right managers and producers, anything is possible! Well, you do have to have some talent to begin anyway.

Forbe's released their annual list of the top 10-earning women in music. The list covers the year between May of 2011 and this past May. So even though they're just releasing this list now, it's actually old data.

Here are the 10 Top, along with the money they made from things like:  Album and merchandise sales, licensing fees, publishing royalties, endorsements, and of course touring:

1. Britney Spears, $58 million

2. Taylor Swift, $57 million (That doesn't include album sales for "Red", which debuted in October with the best sales week of the past 10 years.)

3. Rihanna, $53 million

4. Lady Gaga, $52 million

5. Katy Perry, $45 million

6. Beyoncé, $40 million (She'll be higher on this list next year because of her recently announced $50 million deal with Pepsi.)

7. Adele, $35 million

8. Sade, $33 million

9. Madonna, $30 million (Madonna's current tour happened after the measurement period, so she'd be much higher on this list if it were included.)

10. Shakira, $20million

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