One of my all-time favorite things to watch on T.V. is the Olympics. Winter or Summer Games, it doesn't matter, I love 'em!

Four years ago in Beijing, Michael Phelps made history by winning Eight Gold Medals. This year at the London Games, Phelps won't be able to tie that record because he dropped out of the 200-meter freestyle.

"Four years ago, we were trying to literally do everything.  That was what we wanted to do but at this point, it's let's go out, let's have some fun, let's relax a little bit."

He can still make history in London! He can set the records for most overall medals by any Olympian . Phelps needs to win three medals, and this will be his last chance to do so. He confirmed yesterday that he is retiring after the London Olympics.

"I won't be coming back.  Put it on record."

The countdown to the Summer Games in London . . . Who will take home the gold? Complete Olympic coverage begins Friday, July 27th.

What is your favorite event during the Summer Olympics?

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