My wife's childhood friend made local news yesterday after saving a drowning boy over the weekend.

Stephanie Swedberg -- originally from Fergus Falls -- was at Crystal Beach Park in Burnsville with her twin boys Sunday morning when another mother began screaming for help. Her own young son was having trouble keeping his head above water. Stephanie, a former lifeguard and competitive swimmer, rushed to help.

“He wasn’t screaming…he was just thrashing around, bobbing a little bit,” she told Fox 9.

Thanks to the mother's attention and Stephanie's quick response, the boy, fortunately, was ok, though Stephanie took the opportunity to encourage him to continue taking swimming lessons -- a good reminder for us all.

Here are some additional water safety tips from Fox 9:

1. Never swim alone: Even a teenager or adult should swim with a buddy.

2. Pick a look-out: Designate an adult to be close enough to reach out and touch a child under 4 years old whenever they are in the water.

3. Don't waste time: If your child is missing, look in the pool first.

4. Keep a cell phone nearby: Every second counts when you have to call 911, but keep it turned off or silenced while you watch swimmers in the pool.

5. Install alarms: Any door or window leading to a pool area can be outfitted to alert adults to unexpected access.

A Youtube series titled "Spot the Drowning" shows just how easy it is to miss a drowning child.

Read the full Fox 9 story here.

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